Farm Internship Program



Applications for the Spring and Summer 2018 are now open. Click HERE to apply.


SERVE by leading and teaching volunteers on the farm, donating and cooking food at soup kitchens, speaking to others about your work, and working with youth from different backgrounds and schools.

EARN money working outdoors and running a stand at farmers’ markets.

LEARN important life and job skills; learn to cook delicious food; and learn about food by seeing where it really comes from.

Plus, you’ll make new friends and learn a lot about yourself!


WHEN is it?

The Farm Internship is two sessions. You may participate in one or both sessions. Summer session participants will be selected at the end of April.

Spring Session (February 24 – May 26), 2 days each week:

Tuesdays OR Wednesdays OR Thursdays after school (5:30 – 7:30 pm) 
Saturdays (8 am – 3 pm)

Summer Session (June 7 – July 7),  4 days each week:

Wednesday through Saturday (8am – 3pm)


WHAT will I be doing?

The Farm Internship Program is a paid educational internship.

  • growing fresh vegetables using sustainable farming practices
  • serving the community by working with local hunger relief agencies
  • learning valuable leadership and business skills
  • exploring issues of hunger and community
  • learning how to eat and cook in healthy ways.
HOW do I apply?

Applications for the spring and summer 2018 are now open. Click HERE to apply.