Urban Roots Young Leaders Start the Year Strong

This past month, Urban Roots young leaders were hard at work in their leadership programs. The Fall 2021 Food and Leadership Fellowship cohort wrapped up their season on January 14th, and South Austin Interns kicked off the year at the farm to practice and develop some key leadership skills. Keep reading to get a full update. 

Food and Leadership Fellowship

Congratulations to our Fall 2021 Food and Leadership Fellows for completing their program earlier this month! During their final weeks, they harvested most of the remaining carrots and cabbage at the South Austin Farm for our food access partners, helped prepare the east Austin Farm for our next season; and participated in a final workshop of pickling rainbow carrots with local farmer friend Hannah Beall. We wish our fellow alumni the best and hope to stay connected with them along the way! Way to go, Micayla, Jeff, Nicole, Isaiah, Renae, Cooper, Luis, Ana, Ava, Bianca, and Nathanial

South Austin Internship

South Austin Interns returned from the winter break to spend more time on our east Austin farm to familiarize themselves with some of our farm processes. So far, they have worked on seeding red and green cabbage, processing carrots, and clearing the fields post-freeze to make room for the next growing season. These activities give us opportunities to practice and observe public speaking and teaching skills. We also made sure to save some room for a different type of fun—interns got to relax and enjoy a gift exchange over some tacos and snacks after one of our work blocks! 

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