Farm Fact Friday: Natural Bug Repellent

Happy Farm Fact Friday! To greet summer coming on the way, we’re sharing two natural bug repellents to keep pesky bugs and critters out of your plants or garden.

The first bug repellent we’re sharing is orange spray. Orange spray is an easy-to-make pest deterrent you can make with your orange peels at home! It’s best to use organic orange peels or to wash your orange peels with a fruit and veggie wash. Cut off the white inner remaining flesh as much as possible, and boil the peels in a cup of water for 10 minutes. Let cool, and strain into a spray bottle. Spray every 3 or 4 days, and observe the plant to ensure the spray is not too strong (if so, you can cut it with more water).

The second bug repellent we’re sharing today is diatomaceous earth! It’s a natural pest deterrent (specifically, food grade, which is important as the filter grade can be harmful to animals if ingested). It’s a mineral compound and has many uses, though it’s an effective bug killer as well. In short, it dries out the exoskeleton of bugs if put on plants/their soil, and can even help with bugs in the home as well. For example, if you find your pet with fleas, you can dust their fur and even things like carpet and furniture to kill fleas. All it needs is some time to work it’s magic, and proper application (different plants may require different amounts mixed or sprinkled in the soil).

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