Youth Update – March 2023

This past month, our Advanced Leadership Internship has spent their time at Wheatsville’s community kitchen nurturing their culinary skills! These weeks of cooking culminated into our U R Chopped competition, where youth worked in teams to cook with mystery ingredients. Who would’ve thought that clamato, honey buns, canned tuna and broccoli could come together to make such a tasty meal? The youth really enjoyed this competition and despite having to work with some tough ingredients, felt really confident about the dishes they made and their cooking abilities. Now that our culinary workshop series is done, we’re back out in the field ready to lead volunteers, and work with the land.

Meanwhile, the 13 new members of our Food & Leadership Fellowship brought in spring with fresh and excited spirit, kicking off the program with insightful workshops, learning their way around the farm and farm tasks, with chipper and cheer for a great season ahead of us. Through the course of the program, fellows will help us grow thousands of pounds of food and pack it each week for our neighbors through our food access partners. They will explore the larger food system of Austin through workshops, guest speakers, and visits to other farms and food access partners. We can’t wait to see how they grow throughout the program!

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