Youth, Friendsgiving, and more!

The South Austin Interns have been deepening their knowledge of food equity in workshops and familiarizing themselves with different parts of Urban Roots. The youth attended our November Community Lunch and led visitors on a farm tour. They celebrated Thanksgiving with a Friendsgiving potluck and shared their food stories as they made fig leaf and lemongrass agua fresca.

With a strong foundation to build off of now, the SAI interns will start preparing for their block walking in Dove Springs soon, to get to know their community and invite residents to be a part of Urban Roots. Keep an eye out for them and say hello if you spot them on one of their Saturday walks!

Meanwhile, our Food and Leadership Fellows have been busy in their final month. They heard from our food access partner Keep Austin Fed to hear more about how we work together in our food access efforts, and have been doing cooking workshops with the veggies they’ve grown! The youth made farm fresh zucchini cakes with noche squash and chicken, yellow squash, and cucumber salads for a side. They also did a pickling class with our carrots, cucumbers, radish, and green beans. As the program comes to a close, they’ll continue their farm duties, and work on their own personal projects.

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