Welcome to the Newest Interns and Fellows!

Welcome to the newest Urban Roots interns and fellows! Urban Roots welcomed 12 new Food and Leadership Fellows in September and 14 new South Austin Interns in October. We are excited to keep you up-to-date on their progress in the coming months.

South Austin Internship

Welcome, Milo, Jovon, Melanie, Eloy, Amberly, Oasis, Nicholas, Quinn, Emilio, Rodolfo, Audrey, Nashley, Javier, and Priscilla! The South Austin Interns had their first meeting on the South Austin farm, took a tour, and enjoyed some team bonding activities. The South Austin Internship focuses on community engagement in the South Austin area. Youth will be working together until May of 2022.

Food & Leadership Fellowship

Welcome, Micayla, Jeff, Nicole, Isaiah, Renae, Cooper, Luis, Ana, Ava, Bianca, and Nathanial! This month, the fellows built produce shares for our hunger relief efforts, began leading group volunteer days and farm tasks, and hosted groups on the farm! Plus, the fellows enjoyed an in-person bee workshop where they learned all about bees from our favorite beekeeper, Brandon Fehrenkamp, and even got to see the beehives on our East Austin farm. Lastly, the fellows visited and worked on our South Austin farm and harvested over 700 lbs of squash!

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