Partners in Our Commitment to Advance Health Equity

St. David’s Foundation Provides Far-Reaching Recovery Support 

St. David’s Foundation’s unfailing funding support since the early days of the pandemic has allowed Urban Roots, in partnership with Go Austin! Vamos Austin¡, to deliver fresh food directly to the homes of almost 1,000 families experiencing food insecurity in Dove Springs. The impact reached beyond those families as the Foundation’s Recovery Fund also supported youth in our programs to harvest and pack those weekly produce shares. We appreciate how our work aligns with the Foundation’s commitment to reducing health inequity and to supporting communities in taking an active role in their health. This alignment is most evident in the way youth participating in the South Austin Internship learn from the Dove Springs community – lessons that include better understanding the barriers residents experience when trying to access healthy foods, and even teaming up to create recipes featuring vegetables grown on our new Dove Springs farm.

St. David’s Foundation’s strategic goals are based on two interrelated beliefs – that all Central Texans should have the opportunity to achieve optimal health; and that health equity is achieved when you can no longer predict a person’s health based on their race, ethnicity, gender, or zip code. We couldn’t agree more! 

We would like to express our deep gratitude to St. David’s Foundation for partnering with us to achieve optimal health for our neighbors by breaking down barriers to accessing fresh, nutritious food. And for their unwavering commitment to the youngest and oldest among us by providing equitable health care in all its forms, from supporting healthy food access to health clinics in Austin and across Central Texas. To learn more about the Foundation’s strategic priorities for achieving health equity, visit

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Featured Photo Credit: Lloyd Deviney

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