News From the Farm – March

“Our life is March weather, savage and serene in one hour.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

March means the start of spring, and a new season beginning in earnest. This March is all new growth and preparation for spring, with our team busy preparing beds for seeds, directly seeding, transplanting young growths, and laying out our watering systems for the season’s crops. They also ensured the fencing to keep our deer neighbors out was ready, and were excited to welcome a fresh shipment of locally made compost (we source from friends-of-the-farm Organics by Gosh!, who’s compost is powered by Austin food waste). We have carrots, beets, beans and broccoli in the ground along with squash and greens in the works, with our favorite farm-friendly flowers on the way, marigold and calendula.

Our farm team has been continuing their journey of curiosity, exploring different techniques and equipment to utilize to best maintain the farm. They recently installed a tarp to reduce pests and weeds near one of our fields that struggles with high weed presence. We hope that we can share our coming harvest with you soon!

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