It’s All in the Spaghetti!

“As my fellow interns know, I made spaghetti at home and I was so proud of it because it was like, “I know how to cook!” because I can go to my job and learn to cook. Although it took an hour to boil the water (yeah that happened), I felt like everything about Urban Roots was in that spaghetti. It had the tomatoes, all the work we put into growing them, it had all the effort, and it had all of us.Urban Roots has taught me how I can be a better person. Everything that we learn here is on our path toward success and it’s taught me about who I want to be.”   -Qwncyi, 17 years old, 2018 Youth Intern

We’re so grateful for the teenagers who dug in together this summer to grow and cook food, learn new skills, and serve their community! We wrapped up the Farm Internship Program last weekend at the Family Feast. It’s been an honor to watch Qwncyi and this entire cohort of youth stretch their voices as leaders to share their stories and build their own unique recipe of community this season. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for these young people.

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