Help Urban Roots Recover After the Storm

When Urban Roots launched our Amplify Austin campaign, we never expected that just a week later a winter storm would devastate farms across Central Texas, and destroy Urban Roots’ Hoop House. That’s why we’re using Amplify Austin to raise funds to recover our farm and get back to doing what we do best– growing leaders right here in Central Texas.

In the Hoop House, Youth Leaders learn and lead volunteers in drying peppers and garlic and propagating baby plants. The Hoop House is also home to delicate transplants, and serves as a sanitary storage space for harvest equipment. But just like Urban Roots is more than a farm, the Hoop House is more too. Youth participate in live demos and workshops, engage in social-emotional learning, and celebrate each other in the Hoop House.

As we rebuild, we are immensely grateful to our Community Crew Volunteers, who showed up ready to recover what we could and clear out what was lost. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our community, and supporters like you, Urban Roots Youth Leaders are already planting the seeds for a bountiful spring harvest. With your continued support, we will rebuild the Hoop House, and with it, a space for our youth to grow.

You can support our rebuilding efforts here or by visiting our Amplify Austin page at

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