In previous years, Urban Roots has provided a CSA program as a way to raise money through produce and provide our locally grown harvest to the public. However, we have decided to not provide a CSA program in the 2017 season to give us an opportunity to direct our staff efforts into programming, farmer’s markets, and direct produce sales.

You can still find us and our produce at the Sustainable Food Center’s Downtown Farmer’s Market every Saturday from March through July. Come meet our youth leaders and let them tell you about the produce they’ve grown!

What is a CSA?
A Community Supported Agriculture program is when a person buys a ‘membership’ with a farm at the beginning of a season– making an investment up front to share the risks and rewards of the farming cycle. It’s like a subscription service where every so often (usually every week) you’d receive a box full of what’s currently growing at the farm. There are several local farms in Austin and the surrounding area that provide wonderful CSA programs.

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