What is the School to Farm Initiative?

This year Urban Roots is excited to offer in-depth and empowering learning opportunities to even more young people through the School to Farm Initiative. This Initiative builds on the on-going Urban Roots Field Trip Program and is a good fit for school groups looking to really deepen their students’ connection to the farm through educational workshops and field work, while building leadership skills.

School to Farm Initiative Participants will:

To make this experience as transformative as possible, we strongly urge that the same students participate for the entire 6 – 8 week program.  Additionally, interested groups are responsible for providing transportation to and from the farm for their students.

What type of educational activities can my group choose from?

Sustainable Agriculture

  • Nature Sit
  • Farm Scavenger Hunt
  • Insect Workshop
  • Compost Workshop

Food Justice & Social Awareness

  • Where the Wind Blows
  • Investigating Homelessness
  • Charity & Social Change Workshop
  • Food Security & Insecurity Workshop

Identity & Community Building

  • Step Across
  • Multicultural Metaphors
  • Identity Sculptures
  • Diversity Iceberg

Healthy Living

  • Veggies Make You Strong
  • Great Veggie Mix Up
  • Soda & Sugar
  • The Healthy Farmer

Additionally, this year each school group will have the option of picking a weekly theme based on our curriculum and the needs of their group. For the duration of our School to Farm Program, groups will benefit from our TEKS based curriculum and beautiful facilities that double as an outdoor classroom. This is a list of the weekly themes we will be offering:

  1. Diversity
  2. Water & Plant Cycles
  3. Ecosystems
  4. Conservation
  5. Food Webs
  6. Sustainable practices
  7. Soil and Erosion
  8. Producers, Consumers & Decomposers
  9. Social Justice
  10. Healthy lifestyles
How can my school group participate?

Contact Meg Mattingly, the Urban Roots Farm Educator, at meg@urbanrootsatx.org or (512).750.8800 to ask questions, find out more information, and register to participate in the School to Farm Initiative!

We look forward to seeing you on the farm!

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