Featured Farm Folks – Radical Family Farms

Farmer Leslie Wiser posing with dog in a flower field.
Radical Family Farms owner/farmer Leslie Wiser posing with dog in a flower field. 2022 by Paige Green.
Radical Family Farms logo.
Radical Family Farms logo.

Check out a growing farm making waves in the world! Radical Family Farms, a relatively new farm founded in 2018, showcases important ways that farming and community can intertwine. Radical Family Farms grows culturally relevant food for “Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese and South East Asian diaspora” that reflect the roots of owner and farmer, Leslie Wiser, who is of German, Polish Jewish, and Chinese-Taiwanese descent. The rest of the food grown is suited to the farm’s local California environment, with regenerative, chemical-free, and gentle-to-the-land practices that reflect Wiser’s passion for restorative agriculture.

The farm’s practices also center on communal care. Radical Family Farms nurtures relationships with restaurants and chefs who highlight heritage cooking, utilizing methods, tools, and recipes that are culturally and historically important. They share this knowledge (via recipes and resources) with the folks receiving their produce shares. 

Radical Family Farms also does this through their initiative, Feeding Seniors, which focuses on giving back to the elderly in the community, an important cultural part of Wiser’s heritage and upbringing, according to an interview she gave the Newslette. Feeding Seniors allows the farm to provide culturally-relevant produce to their local Chinese community centers.

Though Radical Family Farms has a similar mission to ours here at Urban Roots, focusing on communal relationships and health via regenerative agriculture, we are so grateful for opportunities to learn from and be inspired by farm folks doing rad things in the food access space with different models. Learn more about founder/farmer Leslie Wiser and Radical Family Farms via their website and check out what all they’ve got growing on!

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