Farm Fact Friday: Sugar Snap Peas

Happy Farm Fact Friday, everyone! This week we’re talking about sugar snap peas, something we’re growing on the farm, and a crunchy, munchy, delicious snack. They’re full of fiber, and compared to their snap pea cousins, they’re sweeter and thicker and can be considered one of the most flavor-packed peas. They’re a crossover between shelling peas and snow peas, and easy to eat raw, in salads or thrown in things like stir fries, steamed, or sautéed. 

Due to their ability to withstand light frost and cold temperatures, they make a good veggie to grow during Texas falls and springs, before the temperatures creep up again. They can be helpful for digestion, contain high levels of vitamin C, vitamin K, as well as being a good source of protein, keeping you fuller for longer

Did you know you can freeze them and keep them for quite a few months, if prepared properly? If you’d like to keep your sugar snap peas for longer, you can learn more about it here, along with care instructions if you want to try growing them at home.

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