Farm Fact Friday: Mid-Jan to Mid-Feb Planting

Happy Farm Fact Friday, everyone! This week, we’re sharing some behind-the-scenes insights into what  we’re planning on planting this season. Note: As we’re experimenting with more succession planting (planting in intervals to ensure crops grow throughout the season), this may look a little different from when you may start planting at home.

Week of January 23 to Mid February: 

On the East Austin farm, we will begin direct seeding (planting seeds directly into the soil) boldero carrots and red noodle beans . Boldero Carrots are easy to grow, sweet, thick and sturdy, so they can be stored longer than some fresh vegetables. Meanwhile, Red Noodle beans are popular in Southern Chinese cuisine and are similar to string beans but longer, red, and easy to grow and to cook. You can substitute them in place of string beans for a scarlet twist! 

On our South farm, we’ve begun planting onions and will continue for a few weeks. We’ve been planting red Southern Belle, White Bermuda, and yellow Texas Super Sweet. We can’t wait to share our harvest with you come March!

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