Farm Fact Friday: Houseplant Ailments

It’s Farm Fact Friday once again, and this week we’ll be discussing the farm closer to home, with your plants around the house! This week we’ll be talking about five common issues when caring for your plants at home, like yellowing of the leaves.

  • Yellowing Leaves: This could be caused by a number of reasons, from overwatering to poorly draining soil, not getting enough light or the plant being affected by cold temperatures. 
  • Root and Stem Rot: This could look like soft stem or roots, with dark brown or black roots, and generally wilting. To save your plants, take out the affected roots while repotting with sterile soil and a cleaned pot, and make sure not to overwater. 
  • Leaf tips yellowing or browning: Remove affected leaves and ensure you don’t moisten them. It may be beneficial to research how to prune your plant, and how much pruning is healthy for said plant.
  • Few flowers or small leaves: This could be caused by not enough or too much light, and too dry or too wet soil. This differs between plants, so if you’re unsure, researching recommended care for your plant may help.
  • Leaf Spots: Leaf spots are tiny brown or yellow dots on a leaf. This can be caused by bacteria (the leaf spots may appear wet or dark, sunken or translucent) or fungi (the leaf spots are brown with parts of the leaf dying). Avoid getting water on the leaves, take off the leaves affected, and try putting it somewhere with good air circulation.

Learn more about common plant issues from pests to disease here:

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