An Interview with State Representative Eddie Rodriguez

Urban Roots Executive Director Max Elliott recently met up with State Representative Eddie Rodriguez on the farm to learn about the greatest needs he’s seeing in regards to the COVID-19 Crisis and how people can help. 

Rep. Rodriguez has been devoting a lot of his time to helping people navigate the unemployment process and connecting them with those services. Additionally, he’s been helping businesses maneuver through the various issues they are facing and getting them information about the small business loan opportunities. Overall, he’s been dedicated to making sure that people have the information they need during these challenging times. He’s also spent time volunteering at the Central Texas Food Bank helping to distribute food to those in need.

Rep. Rodriguez recommends that people continue to listen to the medical experts and follow their safety guidelines. He has also been able to connect various entities with donated face masks to keep our professionals safe! Based on his experience, he recommends the following ideas if you are able to help:

-Find remote volunteer opportunities to aid people with food security.

-If you are able to sew, making masks for people is extremely helpful!

Rep. Rodriguez has been a long-standing friend of Urban Roots. He currently serves on the Urban Roots Advisory Council, and we are so grateful for his support! A big thanks to him for taking time to meet with us and share this information! Learn more about State Representative Eddie Rodriguez here

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