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ICYMI: Urban Roots was featured in the Austin Chronicle alongside other farms damaged by the Winter Storms.

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ve likely heard us refer to farming as the vehicle for our youth leadership programs. But why farming?

Urban Roots was featured in “Supporting Local Farmers and Ranchers Helps Everyone” in the Austin Chronicle alongside neighboring farms in Central Texas, all of which were impacted by Winter Storm Uri. In the piece, you’ll hear from local farmers and ranchers about the fallout of the storms, but also why farming is so powerful. When trucks were unable to navigate the frozen roads and grocery store shelves were once again empty, Austinites relied on local farms for fresh food.

Our shared food system unites our community, whether we always realize it or not. For this reason, food and farming teaches Urban Roots Interns and Fellows about the interconnectedness of our community and provides them a concrete way to make a positive difference in their neighbors’ lives.

In the words of Urban Roots Alumni Ines, “No matter where I go in life, I will make sure to return to the land when I can to cultivate good food for the world, and form those irreplaceable bonds with minds like mine.”

In addition to raising much needed funds to recover our farm, Urban Roots is sharing resources for folks looking to support broader farm recovery efforts across Central Texas. Will you join us in rebuilding together this Amplify Austin Day?

Urban Roots is so grateful for Amplify Austin Day, I Live Here I Give Here, and Texans across the state who are showing up for farmers at this great time of need. We are inspired by everyday people who have come together to provide, support, and care for those most impacted by these storms, and who we depend on to feed our families. Please see the links below for ways you can support our fellow farmers:

Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association Collaborative Relief Fund
Texas Farmers’ Market Ag Producer Support Fund
Sustainable Food Center Relief Fund

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