10 for 10

Urban Roots has given me the courage and confidence that I can make a change in this world.
— Lolly, Second Year Youth Intern

Dear friends,

Because of you, over the past 10 years, 288 youth leaders have dug in on the farm, receiving $450,708 in youth stipends, and growing 288,601 pounds of fresh produce! As we celebrate this decade, we are determined to do even more this year — launching the new Culinary Internship Program, serving more Food & Leadership Fellows, and expanding the Farm Internship Program.

Now more than ever, we believe in creating a nourished and empowered community– and that happens by investing in young change-makers like Lolly. Will you join us in celebrating 10 years with a monthly gift of $10 or more?
We are grateful for your support in providing space for these young people to learn to grow and love food while growing as leaders. You can make a change in this world for them– and for all of us. Please give today.


Max Elliott, LMSW
Executive Director
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