Educational Farm Tours


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Urban Roots offers age-appropriate Educational Farm Tours for groups of students and community members. Led by Urban Roots staff and/or Food & Leadership Fellows, Educational Farm Tours include a tour of our sustainable farm with educational content that include:

    • How food is grown
    • Conservation
    • Bees and insects
    • Healthy food choices
    • Tasting vegetables and fruits grown on the farm, when available
    • Age/ability-appropriate hands-on farm work (4th grade and older)

Enjoying volunteering on the farm


1-Hour Tour (Pre-K – 3rd Grade) includes:


Community-building activities

40-min hands-on tour of Urban Roots’ 3.5-acre farm

Tasting of fruits and veggies, when available


1.5-Hour Tour (4th – 12th Grade) includes: 


40-min tour of Urban Roots’ 3.5-acre farm with a focus on: how food is grown, conservation, bees/insects, & healthy food choices

30-min hands-on field work

Tasting of fruits and veggies, when available


If you are inquiring about a tour for adults or have a special request, please email for more information.


We are currently scheduling tours! To request a tour, please complete this form (same as the link at the top of the page), including  your preferred tour options, dates, times, number of participants, and the age range of the participants.  We will process your request and email you with follow-up as soon as possible.  Tours are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

Group size/age: 

Children must be 4 years or older to participate in an Educational Farm Tour.

We can accommodate as few as 10 students for each tour, up to 40 students on the farm at one time. For groups larger than 40, multiple tour dates may be scheduled when available so that all students can visit the farm.

These numbers must include an adequate amount of adult supervision who will be responsible for actively participating with their students and for discipling students in their group – please see chart below.

The above ratios (adult to youth) must be met in order for the tour to be conducted.  If the number of students participating falls below 10 and/or the adult to youth ratios are not met, Urban Roots will postpone the tour until the groups are able to meet the minimum standard.

Tour Groups Must
  • Communicate important information to all attendees.
  • Provide transportation to and from the farm for their group.  Parking is available along Delwau Lane.
  • Send completed Parent Consent Forms  (English / Spanishfor each youth participating and/or Agency Liability Release Forms 2 business days ahead of the schedule tour.  These forms will be emailed to the tour contact upon confirmation of tour details.  We must receive completed forms for each person participating prior to the start of tour.  We cannot begin our Educational Tour until we have all the completed forms.
  • Ensure all tour participants wear closed-toe shoes.  Participants wearing opened-toe shoes will not be allowed to participate in the farm tour and the field work.
  • Ensure all participants bring a water bottle.
  • Disclose any information that may prevent a participant from being able to fully engage in the Educational Tour.  We would like to address and discuss any accessibility needs prior to scheduling a tour to ensure we are able to provide the complete Urban Roots experience to all of our participants.
  • It is imperative that the tour group arrives on time.  Urban Roots is not able to accommodate groups that arrive 15 minutes past their scheduled start time.  If this happens, the group will be asked to reschedule via email.

There is no cost for Title I schools. For 1-hour tours (Pre-K – 3rd Grade) with 20 or fewer students, the cost is $60. For 1.5-hour tours (4th – 12th Grade) with 20 or fewer students, the cost is $100. For larger groups, please contact us for the cost.


Contact us at to ask questions or find out more information, but please fill out this form to schedule your groups’ Educational Farm Tour at Urban Roots!