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Dear Friends,

Imagine, for a moment, a fifteen year-old taking a deep breath just before she steps on stage in front of 150 strangers to tell her story.

“Urban Roots has created a community where I feel comfortable opening up about my opinions. They make it feel like my voice matters in my community.”
— Kaya, Urban Roots Youth Intern

kaya-stageThat community is profoundly important to young people like Kaya who deserve a safe space to grow into the leaders that they are. As a member of the Urban Roots family, your support makes this possible.

Kaya started her paid internship with us last spring. Having moved to the U.S. from Japan with her parents as a young child, she’ll tell you that she learned her remarkable work ethic from them. But like many other teens, she struggled with feeling pressure to be perfect, which only made her feel shy and cut off from the world.

Kaya spent the next few months with us learning how to grow food, and her confidence took root alongside the plants. She learned how to lead volunteers, prepared and served food at a local soup kitchen, and mastered her customer service and public speaking skills. Most importantly, she felt empowered to share her gifts and hard work with us and those around her.

Because of you, Urban Roots is a refuge where transformations like this happen. It’s a place where young people can leave their schools selves at school, their home selves at home, and just be– be the most real, authentic version of themselves. Be safe, nurtured, challenged, and celebrated.

All of us at Urban Roots are committed, now more than ever, to being a refuge and a place where hope and love grow– for our youth, for you, and for all of Austin. Will you join us by making a donation so that more young people like Kaya have a community where their voices matter?

Your gift will help us welcome a new group of young leaders this February. Throughout the season, they will work hard with one another, with volunteers, and with supporters like you to connect to the land, feed people in need, and nurture one another.

I am asking you to give today because right now you can double the impact of your generosity! All donations made to Urban Roots by December 31st will be matched dollar for dollar up to $25,000, thanks to a generous gift from the Terry and Regina Armstrong Family Foundation.

match-my-gift-buttonAs the farmer, every week I get to watch as our beautifully diverse, bold, and courageous community grows alongside the crops. Now, imagine the difference you can make by ensuring that more youth like Kaya can be part of this transformational community.

We appreciate you being as generous as you can. Thank you for being a part of Urban Roots, for empowering youth, and for nourishing us all.





Lea Scott
Farm Director

P.S. Make your donation by December 31st to double your impact and give youth leaders like Kaya support to grow! Fill out and mail back the next page, or donate online right now by going to

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