What We Are Thankful For!

Last week  we asked our 2014 Fall Outreach Interns  to tell us what they were thankful for. Here is what they said:

Robbie – I am thankful for punk!

Terin – I am thankful for my family, my life, dance, Netflix, Scandal, my laughs, my friends, pickles, musical theater, How to Get Away with Murder, love, happiness, people, my community, Instagram, Amala Foundation, my twin brother, Urban Roots, kayaking at Lady Bird Lake, the rainbow, McCallum Highschool.

Brandon – I am thankful for restfulness and sleep.

Jose – I am thankful for knowing how love feels.

Ines – I am thankful for my mom, my sister, my teachers, weekends, Urban Roots, good food, a home, UR staff, vacation, sunshine, music, shelter, dogs, pitties, pizza, being with family, being able to travel, corny jokes, pretty days, compliments, sleeping in, comfy sweaters, ice cream, kind people and cool socks.

Luvango – I am thankful for my friends, my teammates, helpful schoolmates, and my good teachers.

Consal – I am thankful for love.

Mariah – I am thankful for my friends and family.

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